Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's in a name

So what's a toweltest you say? Years ago, my wife and I were watching something about dog training on TV, when the trainer explained a simple test you can use to check the intelligence of your dog. It was really simple, you take a small towel and drape it over the dog's head, and watch how long it takes the dog to remove the towel. The quicker the dog removes it, the more intelligent the dog is.

We looked at each other, then looked at our late dog Lexus, a 10 year old Sheppard-Chow mix, and thought what the hell. I grabbed a hand towel out of the bathroom and dropped it her head. How quick did she whip it off? Well, a good 60 seconds later I started feeling bad for her and pulled it off. I guess you could say she wasn't the sharpest, but we loved her anyway.

So that's what's in the name.